The initial stages of the project involved comprehensive research into the state of Montana, with the primary objective of identifying its most recognizable features. Given the state's prominent wildlife and scenic landscapes, these elements were ultimately prioritized in the design process. Additionally, given Montana's status as a prominent tourist destination, the creation of a brandable design was considered essential.
During the sketching phase of this project, I primarily explored two distinct design concepts. The first concept centered around the state’s official animal, the grizzly bear, while the second concept involved the creation of a topographical illustration showcasing notable tourist destinations.
Following extensive experimentation with various line weights and placements, the final vector design was selected. This design features a white figure placed against a dark teal background. The aim of this dark teal hue was to subtly reference Montana’s reputation as the “Big Sky Country” and its striking foliage.
The centerpiece of the design is a grizzly bear, whose large, powerful shoulders were creatively transformed into a depiction of the state’s majestic mountain ranges. This was done with the intention of capturing Montana’s stunning natural landscape.
I designed a license plate using these same elements as well.

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